Textbook Trade Website

Textbook Trade is an online platform where City University students can buy and/or sell their old textbooks to their fellow students. The project was initiated by Green Dragons and funded by City University Student Union

The Problem

Buying textbooks as a university student, especially brand new ones, can be difficult and expensive.

How I worked

As with any ecommerce experience the user’s journey needs to be as seamless and painless as possible. By stepping into the user's shoes I could identify pain points, this meant me spending time interviewing and observing university student behaviour. Subsequently, the main points of emphasis were:

  • The registration process should be simple, straight forward and quick
  • Only university students should be allow in the platform
  • Available books should be visible to everyone (registered users or not)
  • We should make sure only legitimate books are uploaded to the platform without pulling off the user by filling up too much information while uploading their textbooks
  • Money transactions are not allowed in the platform so students are encouraged to meet in campus for the exchange

I've used inVision to create the prototype,You can have a look HERE!
You can also have a look at the real thing! www.textbooktrade.co.uk

Thank you!